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direct navigation made easier.

May 23, 2008

HitWiser is your new address bar!

The ‘www.’ part of a web address is obsolete. the TLD,  …
well, ‘.com’ is king, but you still can choose the others!
Some think we could even drop the dot com .

HitWiser lets you type in words with spaces.
You can type in sentences like, ‘a little bit of what you fancy’
or “the world’s best shave”, or why not ‘google’ or ‘facebook’ ,’nike’, and so on,.. no need for the .com part!

It works with the apostrophy too!

People used to frown at long domain names…
HitWiser loves them. They make domain names more descriptive and more exciting!

Aren’t you curious to see what you would get if you
try ‘the best car in the world’ on hitwiser! 

Try your  website too!

(Note: you might need some practice at first, to avoid typing .com. After a few trials, you’ll lose the habit)
Will you Hit <your urls> wiser  from now on?
This is the place for all your comments, suggestions, (or if you find a kink in HitWiser).
If the predictive text box works for you, and you want to suggest some websites, feel free to do it here.
the HitWiser team.